‘Do it for the Data’ and Win with Actuate’s BIRT iHub F-Type Pro Awards

Actuate, the BIRT Company, is launching the very first BIRT iHub F-Type Pro awards program starting January 1, 2015. The F-Type Pro awards celebrate the best in applications, dashboards, reports and designs built using BIRT iHub F-Type.  The award spotlights the worldwide revolution in embedded analytics and BI. Use your imagination. Surprise us and amaze us with your design a... Read More

Data Driven Digest for December 19

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries.   The Song Remains the Same: Music is in the air at holiday time, and that can prompt people like David Taylor – a professional d... Read More

Free BIRT iHub F-Type Training Brings Out the Pro in You

You wouldn't want your remodeled kitchen to look like you hired the neighbor's kid to do it. You want it to look professional. Similarly, business leaders want a professional look and feel to their dashboards, reports and data driven apps. If you want to be that pro who delivers engaging designs for your customers, enroll in the upcoming BIRT iHub F-Type Free Training Sessions. W... Read More

Accessible Communications Deadlines Looming for Public & Private Sectors in Ontario

Hand with a timer
Do you communicate with your customers electronically? An important deadline is looming for businesses that operate in Ontario. If your organization uses PDF documents in its Customer Communications strategy, then you should be concerned about the deadline for providing accessible communication supports in those PDF documents. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AOD... Read More

Data Driven Summit – Can Your Car Talk To Your Watch? [Video]

BIRT iHub 3.1 cartalk demo
Kris Clark is an engineer and technology evangelist with Actuate who loves to tinker with his Toyota Prius. He also loves data. So when Clark was looking for a cool way to show off the real-time alert capabilities in BIRT iHub, he looked no further than the dashboard of his car. As you can imagine, hacking your Prius sounds a bit presumptuous. After all, what kind of data can y... Read More

Four Pillars of Business Analytics [Webinar]

We all want answers, and we want them now. But in our haste, we sometimes forget that we can’t have answers without first asking questions. Application developers who embark on embedded analytics projects know this intuitively: You must ask the right questions of the business to make sure your development efforts point in the right direction and your product delivers what users really... Read More

Announcing November’s Community Contributor Leaderboard

I'm pleased to announce the members of the BIRT Developer Center Community Leaderboard for November 2014. The purpose of this Leaderboard is to honor the top contributors to the community each month and to have a little fun. Scores are also posted in the Developer Center Community. You can recognize past and current Leaderboard members by special badges on their forum and DevShare p... Read More

Data Driven Summit – Demonstrating BIRT iHub 3.1 [Video]

EmbeddedAnalytics Demo Number 1 screen shot.JPG
Today, enterprises are tasked with creating smarter applications and delivering near-immediate business results. With traditional business intelligence tools, that's hard to do because it can take weeks or months to create an analytic application. But as Actuate customers have come to know, BIRT iHub is a browser-based solution for document delivery, data analysis and building re... Read More

Freedom Scientific’s Annual Accessibility Showcase: Highlights from the One-Day Event

Computer monitor image
Screen reader technology has become a mainstay for the blind community, allowing individuals with visual impairments to read and access digital information in a way they never could before. And since Actuate’s own automated Document Accessibility technology provides a means for high volumes of documents to be made completely compatible with screen readers, we like to stay up to date on... Read More

Analytics in Financial Services – Unlock the Power of Big Data [Webinar]

Remember the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? After a harrowing adventure, the object of Indiana Jones’ obsession – an item with immeasurable power – ends up crated and stored in a vast warehouse, presumably never to be seen or used again. Business data often follows a similar story arc. People and companies embark on mighty quests to generate and collect valuable d... Read More