Marketing Analytics for Today’s Marketers [Webinar]

If you have a kid – or if you ever were a kid – then you know the age-old question that’s asked on every family car trip: "Are we there yet?" Asking the same question over and over rarely accomplishes much. OK, it annoys the driver, and for kids on car trips maybe that’s the goal. But change gears and the value of repeated questions shows its value. Ask a good question... Read More

Big Data in the Mainstream [Webinar]

In 1979 an Australian college student named Stuart McArthur, tired of being told he was from the “bottom of the world,” published a map with the south at the top. On McArthur's map, Australia was top dead center and the rest of the world spread out at its cartographic feet. McArthur’s map (which went on to sell 350,000 copies) was a work of satire. As you can see above, he ... Read More

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of BIRT Live!

Several more sessions of BIRT Live! are on deck in North America in 2014.  BIRT Live! is a free one-day event where BIRT experts introduce you to BIRT and teach you to build dynamic, interactive and highly visual rich information applications. If you’re thinking about attending, here are some tips for getting the most out of BIRT Live! 1. Register. This seems like a no-brainer,... Read More

Serving 40 Million Financial Customers [White Paper]

Just try to imagine the number 40 million. It’s not easy; our human brains really aren’t wired to comprehend numbers on that scale. You might imagine a stack of 40 million pennies; it would be six feet long, six feet wide and 24 feet tall. You’d be close if you thought about the entire population of Poland, more than 38 million people. You might calculate that 40 million seconds i... Read More

Introducing BIRT iHub F-Type: Connecting to Data and Creating a Design

So, you heard about this new, fancy tool from Actuate called BIRT iHub F-Type that will help you display your data in interactive and meaningful ways. You’ve installed it, however, you’re not really familiar with BIRT and are lost looking for where you create your data connections. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The BIRT data visualization suite starts with the BIRT Designer.... Read More

Outbound Customer Communications: Author Once, Publish Many?

Graphic with Icons that Read "Info"
Originally published on For many of our clients today, there are three primary outbound communication channels: Paper via USPS Mail, email via Exact Target (or similar), and web pages via the web site. Unfortunately, for most organizations, each of these channels tends to have a different content authoring team, different publishing processes, and different underlying tec... Read More

Using BIRT to Run Your Business From Your Phone

BIRT Powerdocs
Remember the first time you saw a cell phone? The guy holding it was probably in a business suit and looked pretty successful. And you probably thought, How cool it would be to make phone calls and do business on the road, right? Well the promise of mobile phones and business on the go has evolved again with the release of BIRT PowerDocs for the Salesforce1 Mobile App. This cloud... Read More

10 Best Practices For Your Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging
Organizations are continually looking for opportunities to engage with their customers, and one way is through their Customer Communications. Within customer communications, engagement can be enhanced if the message is personalized and targeted to the user. Proper application of targeted messaging can lead to increased sales and better customer experience across all channels. When tar... Read More

Using Dashboards for a Clear View

The word dashboard was coined way back in the 1840s, when it literally referred to a board mounted on the front of a horse-drawn carriage  to stop mud from being splashed (or dashed) onto the vehicle and its riders by horse hooves. When carriages became horseless, the word dashboard was repurposed to name the information and control panel that sits between a car's engine and drive... Read More

Accessible PDF: Enterprise Vs. Desktop Accessibility Requirements

PDF Files
First published on We receive a lot of questions at Actuate about our PDF Accessibility Appliance, a solution designed to make PDF customer communications accessible to the blind and visually impaired community. Many of the customers who approach us want to know how our solution differs from others on the market and what types of documents are best suited for our solution... Read More