Innovation Tour 2015 Kicks Off

Conversations about digital transformation are timely and important. Every organization in every industry needs to be having them right now. At Enterprise World in November, we started a dialogue with our customers about the transformative power of Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Starting this week, we’ll be continuing this conversation and taking it on the road in our Inn... Read More

Data Driven Digest for February 27

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries.     Om Data: Word clouds can be great,* but they’re not always enough;  sometimes you also need to show relationships bet... Read More

Forget the Oscars, Tata Motors Won a Bigger Award in Mumbai

itour 1
Last week I had the pleasure of attending our Innovation Tour event in Mumbai, the first leg of a multi-city tour of the world to showcase our Enterprise Information Management solutions and how they help companies move to the digital first world! The event was very well attended and it was good to see keen interest being shown in our new offerings such as Actuate and Co... Read More

Analytics to Boost the Bottom Line

Why should your company invest in analytics? This fundamental question can get overlooked when we start talking about data sources, deployment models, mobile apps and other particulars. But Boris Evelson (@BEvelson), Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, has a straightforward answer to the question: Companies should invest in analytics to make money. “We... Read More

How to Use Data Visualization to Improve Your Customer Communications

Data visualization
Financial services, retail, utility and government organizations are all looking for ways to make their customer communications more engaging and effective, in order to obtain an advantage in dealing with their customers.  But customers today get plenty of communications from organizations.  The key to using customer communications to improve your brand is to cut through the clutter an... Read More

Announcing January’s Community Contributor Leaderboard

I'm pleased to announce the members of the BIRT Developer Center Community Leaderboard for January 2015. The purpose of this Leaderboard is to honor the top contributors to the community each month and to have a little fun. Scores are also posted in the Developer Center Community. You can recognize past and current Leaderboard members by special badges on their forum and DevShare po... Read More

Under the Hood – BIRT iHub F-Type: Troubleshooting

car mechanic diagnosing auto engine problem
Welcome to the third installment of the Under the Hood – BIRT iHub F-Type blog series. Today, I will discuss troubleshooting practices in a iHub environment. I'll share a process flow for isolating issues, offer details about using log files to investigate issues, and suggest a few tips and third-party tools that can make all the difference when troubleshooting. Isolating an ... Read More

Could the Smart Trash Can Take Waste Out of the Supply Chain?

In my last post I introduced a vision for the Smart Trash that would automatically identify the items you are throwing away. What would you do with the data collected? The waste management company may not have much use for the data, but manufacturers and retailers who are trying to predict what consumers are going to buy next would find it very valuable. What would you do with the da... Read More

Data Driven Digest for February 20

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries.   In With The Sheep: Millions of people travel to be with their families for Lunar New Year, and Chinese internet firm Baidu has vis... Read More

The Missing Twenty: A Discussion with Jonathan Hassell

I have something exciting to announce. A new book on digital accessibility has hit the shelves. Released in November, Including Your Missing 20% by Embedding Web and Mobile Accessibility was written by Professor Jonathan Hassell, an expert on digital accessibility and inclusion. He’s the director of the London-based consultancy Hassell Inclusion, and is the lead author of the BS 887... Read More