Data Driven Summit: Around the World with Twitter

As Actuate planned its worldwide series of Data Driven Summits, we promoted the hashtag #DataDrivenSummit. We've enjoyed following that hashtag around the globe as social media users attended the event and experienced Actuate's embedded analytics platform. So far we've traveled from the west coast of the U.S. to Asia, then to Europe. After a brief hiatus, we head back to th... Read More

Data Driven Digest for November 21

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries.   Language Lessons. Donnie Berkholz of the developer-focused analyst firm RedMonk studied GitHub repositories by language over the past ... Read More

How to Bring the Power of Big Data to Mobile Customers

  One of the earliest promises of mobile computing was that you could potentially run your business from the luxury of a beach resort. While the goal has always been to deliver the right data to the right device at the right time, customers in the past have compromised this promise with some type of tradeoff. Perhaps the problem was the inadequate mobile device. Maybe a... Read More

Better Document Accessibility with Customer Communication Suite 5.1.

Accessibility Solution Logo
Whether you are an Accessibility Compliance Officer, an Accessibility Consultant, a Marketing Communications Specialist, or a Document Transform Developer, you will be excited to know that the Document Accessibility solution from Actuate just got much better. Delivered with the release of the Actuate Customer Communication Suite version 5.1, a number of enhancements and features have ... Read More

Data Driven Digest for November 14

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries. Service Salute. Veterans Day was Tuesday in the U.S., and real estate website Trulia took the opportunity to crunch and visualize data about whe... Read More

Finding the Right Print-to-Web Solution: 8 Things to Look For

Sign with words Problems and a lighted word Solutions
In a recent blog post, “The Customer Communications Transformed: Who Benefits and How it Works,” we talked about the recent shift in customer needs, as more and more customers look online – rather than at the more traditional print versions – for their statements and billing information. The experience is not only beneficial for customers, who can have all of their information at... Read More

PDF in Financial Services: Now and the Future

A hand holding a symbol for PDF file
Contributed by the PDF Association. It’s reasonable to claim that without PDF technology the financial services sector would operate very differently. PDF’s key characteristics are perfect for businesses that generate, share, store and argue over a high volume of records and reports on their activities. For most, the simple fact that PDF is a rendering of some source content is... Read More

Announcing October’s Community Contributor Leaderboard

I'm pleased to announce the members of the BIRT Developer Center Community Leaderboard for October 2014. The purpose of this Leaderboard is to honor the top contributors to the community each month and to have a little fun. Scores are also posted in the Developer Center Community. You can recognize past and current Leaderboard members by special badges on their forum and DevShare po... Read More

Free BIRT iHub F-Type Training at Paris and Frankfurt Data Driven Summits

As you may have heard, Actuate is circling the globe with free BIRT training and discussion of The Next Big App at its annual customer days, now known as BIRT Data Driven Summits. What you may not know is that just recently it has been decided to offer free, in-person training on the new, free BIRT iHub F-Type at the Paris and Frankfurt events. Below is a little of what you can expec... Read More

Archiving – Do You Need to Upgrade? [Part 4]

Part 4 – Success Stories In previous blog posts, we asked a question – do you need to upgrade your Archiving system? We examined the drivers for change, the symptoms of an older, outdated system and the features you would want to have in an upgraded system. But what about tangible results? Here are 4 real-world success stories of large, respected organizations that upgraded thei... Read More