Infusing the Supply Chain with Analytics

The strategic use of supply chain information is a key driver of competitive advantage in the Digital-First World. Once a company’s B2B processes are automated and transactions are flowing, visibility into those transactions can fuel better strategic and tactical decision-making across the entire business network. Insights from analytics allow trading partners to speed their decisi... Read More

Information Security in the Digital Age [Podcast]

data security
This is the first of what we hope to be many podcasts in which we explore the technology and culture of Enterprise Information Management (EIM). We’re going to share stories about how OpenText is delivering world class technology and improving our Customer Experience on a daily basis. In this installment, we hope to give you a better understanding of the current cyber security c... Read More

Data Driven Digest for March 27

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries. Bird Brains: You’ve probably seen some version of the chart above before. It shows how fast various media – from telephones to the game ... Read More

Why Your EDI and B2B Processes Need Analytics

Once your B2B business processes are automated and transactions are flowing electronically (usually leveraging EDI and XML), you will need to have visibility into those transactions in order to speed up your decision-making, respond quickly to changing customer and market demands, and optimize your business processes.  This type of actionable business insight into your B2B transacti... Read More

Business Process: The Future of ECM

dotted line through process.jpg
For years, enterprise content management (ECM) solutions were adopted primarily for two main use cases. The first was to achieve compliance, and many early adopters of ECM continue to successfully use it to address various regulatory requirements. Compliance provided functionality for records management, archiving, and information governance. A while back I wrote a blog post titled What... Read More

Cloud Quotation Management: Mobility Redefined

Consider this. It's Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and everyone at the office is enjoying the chance to eat lunch outside. You're already considering your plans for the weekend. Then the phone rings with a customer on the other end. He needs a quotation. Right away. You have two options. You can wolf down your lunch, return to your office, and ruin not just your own afterno... Read More

Data Driven Digest for March 20

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries. Round Numbers: To celebrate Pi Day on March 14 – augmented this year by two more digits (3.1415) – the Washington Post rounded up 10 pi... Read More

ISO 20022: The Legos of Payments

ISO 20022 map
There was a time (not long ago) when the use of ISO 20022 standards as building blocks for payment instructions and cash management information was limited to a special club – the lucky providers and users of payment services in the Eurozone.  SWIFT has also adopted ISO 20022 as the basis for its MX message series. You may not know that ISO 20022 is much bigger than payments and ca... Read More

Digital Disruption: The Forces of Data Driven Smart Apps [Part 4]

Editor’s note: Shaku Atre (at right, above, at our Data Driven Summit last December) is the founder and managing partner of the Atre Group, Inc. of New York City, NY and Santa Cruz, California. (Read more about Atre here.) Atre has written a thorough and compelling treatise on the disruptive power of mobile apps, and supported her analysis and conclusions with templates and c... Read More

Health Care Organizations’ Email Security Isn’t Making the Grade

email security
So, it looks like a lot of health care organizations are flunking email security. According to the “state of email trust” survey cited in a recent Fortune Magazine article , health care organizations “severely lag” when it comes to securing email communications. In fact, the article states that an email, “purportedly sent from a typical health insurance company is, for i... Read More

Treat Contract Management as a Strategic Business Process

Contract Center Dashboard
It is well accepted that contracts are at the crux of every business, and the value delivered by underlying contract management systems can have a direct impact on an organization’s top-line revenues, costs and regulatory compliance (see Brian Wick’s recent post, Contract Center: The Hat-Trick of Business Value ). Yet organizations often treat contracts simply as important leg... Read More