Actuate’s Data Driven Summit to Showcase Embedded Analytics

Seven cities, dozens of stories and one central message: BIRT is best for building winning customer experiences. That's the theme at this year's Data Driven Summit 2014. The worldwide event series, formerly known as Actuate’s annual customer day, kicks off in the heart of Silicon Valley on Thursday, November 6. The show is free to attend and designed especially for planners a... Read More

Moving From Big Data to Data Driven Applications

I bet you have read hundreds of articles about Big Data that start by describing how many zillion bytes of data exist on earth. Naturally, the concept of the three Vs of Big Data – Variety, Volume and Velocity – is familiar to you as well. The underlying message that these stories convey feels to me like something slow-moving and heavy. The image that comes to my mind is the fo... Read More

Data Driven Digest for October 24

Each Friday we share some of our favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations that came onto our radar in the past week. Use the “Subscribe” link at left and we’ll email you with new entries. It’s a passing thing. We’re still grumpy about it in the San Francisco Bay Area, but Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for touchdown passes last Sunday ag... Read More

3 Questions: Naomi B. Robbins Discusses Graphs

Naomi B. Robbins worked at Bell Labs in the 1990s – the same era when William S. Cleveland, another employee of that famed R&D organization, authored the seminal work The Elements of Graphing Data. When Robbins read her colleague’s book, she found a new calling. “I found it fascinating,” Robbins remembers. “He wrote the book for audiences in science and technology. As I... Read More

Cloud508: A Cloud Solution for Federal Government that Automates Document Accessibility

Cloud with the words Cloud508 on it and Actuate logo symbol
A unique collaboration designed to build accessibility into the U.S. federal government’s most important and most distributed documents, Cloud508 is Actuate Corporation’s newest endeavor. A joint project with partners Braille Works and Venatôre, the cloud-based service works with documents such as tax, health, and benefits notices, statements and other personalized communications, a... Read More

3 Trends in Embedded Analytics

ACT Screens_015
Data visualization is everywhere. Whether you check your online bank account, monitor your workouts, discover the energy consumption of your house, check your pipeline in your CRM system or view remaining vacation days on your HR application, visualizations are part of the large majority of web applications. When data visualizations are embedded well, they appear to be seamless... Read More

iTAC Helps Manufacturers Improve Operations with BIRT iHub [Case Study]

We think we live in a digital world, but manufacturing still touches every aspect of our lives today. The cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the tools we use, and even the food we eat today is the product of an integrated global supply chain and complex manufacturing processes. But the digital world of IT and physical world of manufacturing are inextricably connected: Successful... Read More

Implementing Software for Customer Communications Management Rapidly and Effectively

Photo of a highway with fast moving vehicles, at night
When addressing Customer Communications Management (CCM), enterprises usually seek a quick and effective project. This post delves into 2 technical issues that play a key role in implementing and running such a system. Predefined Interfaces Help Cut Costs In CCM, one big issue is that of interfaces and connectivity. In other words, how does one add and retrieve data from connected s... Read More

Attending the Web Accessibility Day

Earth illuminated in the dark with bright rays connecting continents
One Day in Maryland Companies around the globe are looking to make their web content accessible for the visually impaired. But they want to do so in the most efficient, knowledge-based way they can, so that they don’t make mistakes and waste needless funds in the process. To do that, they need the right information. With this in mind, the National Federation of the Blind’s Cent... Read More

3 Questions: Gloria Lau Discusses Data Science

Gloria Lau likes to say that her career in data science started “before there was even a thing called data science.” She was a PhD candidate at Stanford University, researching legal informatics – that is, using machine learning and data mining techniques to understand the law. “The law is massive, and massively complicated, so that was the beginning of big data for me – ... Read More