Big Data Analytics: What It Is, Why You Want It

Big Data Analytics 5.2 featured image
“The promise of big data is the ability to make predictions based on it. Information can be viewed and analyzed, trends can be understood, and correlations can be plotted. The challenge, of course, is finding the value, especially when content volume is increasing.” Mark Barrenechea in Digital: Disrupt or Die With our CEO’s challenge in mind, we’re proud to announce OpenTex... Read More

Why Information is the New Currency

We live in a digital world. A testament to this new reality is the growing value of digital content. People download songs, purchase movies online, exchange emails, and share personal information—all in the form of digital content. Information in its many new forms has become commoditized. In a digital world, information is the new currency. Will it replace the dollar, the Euro, the... Read More

Data Driven Digest for August 28: Treemaps

The first treemap was created around 1990, for a reason that seems laughable today: 14 people in a University of Maryland computer lab shared an 80-megabyte disk drive, and one of them – professor Ben Shneiderman – wanted to know which individuals, and which files, took up the most space. After considering circular, triangular, and rectangular representations, Prof. Shneiderman came ... Read More

Here’s Your No. 1 Tool for Fraud Detection

In the song Talk About the Blues, the experimental band The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion declares that “the blues is number 1.”  If you’re a blues fan, you probably associate the number 1 with Jon Spencer. But if you’re interested in fraudulent or anomalous numbers, you might just associate it with Frank Benford. Here’s why: Back in 1938, Benford observed that 1 is more... Read More

Data Driven Digest for August 21

The second* data visualization we all learned in school was the Cartesian coordinate system.  By plotting figures on a two-dimensional graph, we learned the relationship between numbers and space, unlocked patterns in those numbers, and established foundations for understanding algebra and geometry. The simple beauty of X-Y coordinates belies the power they hold; indeed, many of the be... Read More

What is a Digital Enterprise?

The Linear Value Chain is Replaced by an Ecosystem
In my first post in this blog series, I examined how the speed of digital is disrupting market leaders, and determined that the only way for them to keep pace and stay competitive is to transform into a digital business. But what exactly is a digital business and how does an organization transform itself? In a digital business, all major operating functions are empowered by digital t... Read More

Data Driven Digest for August 14

Forgive us in California for being obsessed with water. Our unprecedented drought has caused our brains to focus on the wet stuff, so that's the theme of this week's Data Driven Digest. In three data visualizations, we dive into what you would see looking west or east across the ocean; the contours and makeup of the seabed; and the width of rivers throughout North America. Grab a cool ... Read More

5 Ways Data-Driven Experiences Are the Future

The Digital Experience market space today is being driven by Marketing and the CMO, however, the pendulum is likely to swing back toward the CIO and technology teams to help provide better insight into the success of digital transformation projects. Age of the Customer We have entered a digital world of consumer-centric business. Customers expect experiences that are personalized... Read More

Data Driven Digest for August 7

We love Twitter. We love to tweet, we love to follow data visualization experts, and we’d love to have you follow us at @OT_Analytics. But for all of Twitter’s fun and value, it often makes headlines for the wrong reasons: its users don’t understand it, it’s a takeover target, its corner office has an ejector seat. How Twitter (the company) will address those challenges, nobody ... Read More

Moving Content to iHub, Trial Edition

Remember the last time you moved from one home to another? Moving can be a pain; it's time-consuming and stressful, so you probably blocked it from your memory. You definitely didn't enjoy the process. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to move content to the just-released OpenText Actuate Information Hub (iHub), Trial Edition from an old instance of iHub, Free Edition (formerly k... Read More

Is Your Organization Ready for the Future?

Is your organization ready for the future? Meeting Customer Demand for Interactivity and Flexibility Consumer technology is changing at a rapid pace, and so are consumer expectations. As the lines between business customers and consumers blur, we can see the speed of this consumer technology evolution is impacting the expectations of corporate customers or business users. Busin... Read More