BIRT Exchange Contributor Contest Winner for August 2011 Selected

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The winner of the BIRT Exchange Contributor of the Month Contest for August 2011 is Anthony Chavez for his contribution to BIRT Exchange titled: Use java event handler to code across the output of a SQL dataSet using a Scripted DataSet

Anthony said, “I created this DevShare entry because I was working on a project where there was a need to run algorithms that were coded in java, across existing reports’ data output. Research found that the best way to run java across data would be via a scripted Dataset with a java event handler. I started with this simple example, and members of the BIRT community as well as co-workers helped me get it working properly. I found it may be useful to others so I posted it.”

Anthony works for a small software company in Boulder, Colorado as a Software Engineer specializing in Business Intelligence. He’s been working with Actuate products for 5 years and with BIRT for the last year. His company uses BIRT/Actuate as their reporting solution for web applications.

He chose a $200 Amazon Gift Card for his award.

We also want to thank the other DevShare contributor in this month’s contest:

Voting results for this month’s contest can be found here.

It’s not too late… to get your own DevShare article posted in time for the next month’s contest that closes on September 30th. If you”ve cooked up something that you can share with the BIRT Exchange community, please post it soon! You can create a tutorial, build a BIRT application, template or component, or write up some of the tips and solutions to problems you’ve run into during the past — anything that’s helped you use BIRT more effectively will probably be useful to others too. And don’t forget the BIRT Exchange Marketplace. A code-based DevShare submission could also be a great candidate for the Marketplace.

See the Contributor of the Month Contest Rules and the list of previous winners for more information.

AND DON’T FORGET we have an iPad Contest going on for the 4 best BIRT plug-in submissions to DevShare or the BIRT Exchange Marketplace by October 15th. For details and suggested projects, please visit the Get Started with BIRT Contest site.

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