Making Freemium Work

When Dr. Dobb's Journal debuted in 1975, it was the first and only publication dedicated to microcomputer software development. In the nearly four decades since then, countless publications covering that field have come and gone, but Dr. Dobb's survives. Among the reasons why: The creators of Dr. Dobb's adapted their publishing model as technology and conditions changed. Consider:... Read More

Announcing the July and August Community Contributor Leaderboards

I'm pleased to announce the members of the BIRT Developer Center Community Leaderboards for July and August 2014. The purpose of this Leaderboard is to honor the top contributors to the community each month and to have a little fun. Scores are also posted in the Developer Center Community. You can recognize past and current Leaderboard members by special badges on their forum and De... Read More

Introducing BIRT iHub F-Type: Sharing Designs and Other Resources

F-Type Sharing
Actuate’s BIRT iHub F-Type is an easy to use, feature packed, data visualization platform that takes all the grunt work out of building your data visualization applications. One of the great, new features BIRT iHub F-Type makes available to open source BIRT developers is the ability to enable the secure sharing of reports between users. This is now as simple as a few clicks of your ... Read More

Calling All BIRT Users: Contribute to the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’

Survey says…! Family Feud, a popular television game show in the 70s and 80s, was known for its surveys of average people who often gave entertaining answers. Contestants might be asked, "Name a type of ball you would be surprised to see a golfer tee off with," or "Name a musical instrument that is too big to carry on an airplane." If you always wanted to participate in a survey ... Read More

3 Questions: Kai Kreuzer Discusses Home Automation and IoT

When he was just 12 years old, Kai Kreuzer put sensors on the doors of his bedroom and began a lifelong fascination with home automation. Years later, in 2008, Kreuzer had cables, sensors, and actuators built into his new home near Darmstadt, Germany.  That new house turned out to be another beginning for Kreuzer: Lacking software to integrate all of his devices, he began creatin... Read More

Preview: Building Data-Driven Customer Portals for Insurance

insurance umbrella
If Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards jams a finger and can't perform the opening riff to "Start Me Up," a Lloyd's of London disability income insurance policy shelters him for a cool $1.5 million. Now your home, auto and health policies may differ greatly from those of the legendary rocker, but the insurance industry is transforming itself to give its customers satisfaction... Read More

Marketing Analytics for Today’s Marketers [Webinar]

If you have a kid – or if you ever were a kid – then you know the age-old question that’s asked on every family car trip: "Are we there yet?" Asking the same question over and over rarely accomplishes much. OK, it annoys the driver, and for kids on car trips maybe that’s the goal. But change gears and the value of repeated questions shows its value. Ask a good question... Read More

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of BIRT Live!

Several more sessions of BIRT Live! are on deck in North America in 2014.  BIRT Live! is a free one-day event where BIRT experts introduce you to BIRT and teach you to build dynamic, interactive and highly visual rich information applications. If you’re thinking about attending, here are some tips for getting the most out of BIRT Live! 1. Register. This seems like a no-brainer,... Read More

Serving 40 Million Financial Customers [White Paper]

Just try to imagine the number 40 million. It’s not easy; our human brains really aren’t wired to comprehend numbers on that scale. You might imagine a stack of 40 million pennies; it would be six feet long, six feet wide and 24 feet tall. You’d be close if you thought about the entire population of Poland, more than 38 million people. You might calculate that 40 million seconds i... Read More

Introducing BIRT iHub F-Type: Connecting to Data and Creating a Design

So, you heard about this new, fancy tool from Actuate called BIRT iHub F-Type that will help you display your data in interactive and meaningful ways. You’ve installed it, however, you’re not really familiar with BIRT and are lost looking for where you create your data connections. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The BIRT data visualization suite starts with the BIRT Designer.... Read More