Data Driven Digest for July 3

It’s a holiday week: Wednesday was Canada Day, and tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States. Fairness dictates that North America not get all of the attention, so the Eurozone is the subject of this week’s Data Driven Digest. We’re sharing interesting data visualizations about global art prices, the Greek economic crisis, and European population trends. Picture ... Read More

Data Science and Mobile Devices: Joined at the Hip

What qualifies as a mobile device? Believe it or not, we had a brief – and surprisingly illuminating – debate at the OpenText Analytics office the other day that started with this question. Let me provide some context: Our team is gearing up to produce technology demonstration projects and other content that connects Big Data analytics to mobile devices. (Both literally and f... Read More

How B2B Automation Helps to Develop Greener Supply Chains

Developing a greener and more sustainable supply chain has been on the agenda of CEOs for many years and in fact just looking back through my archive of blogs that I have written over the years, the first green related blog that I wrote was in 2007. This was at a time when companies were being made to think more carefully about how they design their supply chains to help reduce carbon em... Read More

Accessibility in Telecommunications: Thriving in a Customer-Centric World

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules under Section 255 of the Communications Act require telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers to make their products and services accessible to people with disabilities, if such access is readily achievable. While this regulation has been around since 1996, Telco companies and device manufacturers are now starting t... Read More

Data Driven Digest for June 26

The Periodic Table, conceived of nearly 150 years ago, has had a huge impact on the study of chemistry. When it was created, the Table organized the known chemical elements, but its true genius lay in its ability to predict properties of elements not yet discovered. The Periodic Table structure - meaningful rows and columns, sometimes presented with an overlay of color  adding more ... Read More

Enterprise Mobility: Are You an Enabler?

Seventy-three percent of the world’s population uses mobile phones, more than 5.2 billion people around the globe. The majority of millennials say that their smartphone never leaves their side, 24x7. This is just the tip of a mobility movement that promises to intensify in the future. How is this consumer behavior impacting enterprise mobility? Range of Mobility Responses For ... Read More

Achieving Equal Access in Health Care Information

As per a report published by the Equal Rights Center in 2011, blind and visually impaired individuals routinely face barriers in receiving information regarding their health care including documents such as test results, prescriptions, etc., benefits information such as Explanation of Benefits, eligibility and termination information and e-delivered communications such as billing stateme... Read More

Data Driven Digest for June 19

disease_association_calplot_annot_final (1) bigger
This Sunday marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. As the days get warmer and longer, many of us think about getting healthier and going outdoors. Data visualization can reveal information about our health, the healthcare system that supports us, and the risks of certain vacation activities. The Data Driven Digest has collected some favorite examples over the last fe... Read More

Big Data Is Still a Game Changer, but the Game has Changed. Here’s How.

Not long ago, organizations bragged about the large volume of data in their databases. The implied message from IT leaders who boasted about their terabytes and petabytes and exabytes was that company data was like a mountain of gold ore, waiting to be refined. The more ore they had, the more gold – that is, business value – they could get out of it. But the "bigness" of Big D... Read More

Data Driven Digest for June 12

Excitement (and a little anxiety) is sweeping through the OpenText Analytics office – home of the Data Driven Digest – as the Golden State Warriors make their first run at the NBA Finals in 40 years, facing the powerful Cleveland Cavaliers. (We're overwhelmingly Warriors fans here in the San Francisco Bay Area, if you must ask.) It’s been great – and occasionally heartbreaking ... Read More