Better Document Accessibility with Customer Communication Suite 5.1.

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Whether you are an Accessibility Compliance Officer, an Accessibility Consultant, a Marketing Communications Specialist, or a Document Transform Developer, you will be excited to know that the Document Accessibility solution from Actuate just got much better. Delivered with the release of the Actuate Customer Communication Suite version 5.1, a number of enhancements and features have ... Read More

Finding the Right Print-to-Web Solution: 8 Things to Look For

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In a recent blog post, “The Customer Communications Transformed: Who Benefits and How it Works,” we talked about the recent shift in customer needs, as more and more customers look online – rather than at the more traditional print versions – for their statements and billing information. The experience is not only beneficial for customers, who can have all of their information at... Read More

PDF in Financial Services: Now and the Future

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Contributed by the PDF Association. It’s reasonable to claim that without PDF technology the financial services sector would operate very differently. PDF’s key characteristics are perfect for businesses that generate, share, store and argue over a high volume of records and reports on their activities. For most, the simple fact that PDF is a rendering of some source content is... Read More

Archiving – Do You Need to Upgrade? [Part 4]

Part 4 – Success Stories In previous blog posts, we asked a question – do you need to upgrade your Archiving system? We examined the drivers for change, the symptoms of an older, outdated system and the features you would want to have in an upgraded system. But what about tangible results? Here are 4 real-world success stories of large, respected organizations that upgraded thei... Read More

Celebrating ‘World Paper Free Day’

Today, on November 6th, the World Paper Free Day (AIIM), we pledge to avoid using paper in our offices and homes. But beyond this day, as a community, we can reduce the amount of paper we generate in our everyday lives and we will ALL benefit from the shift in the way we communicate. Will you catch the “paperless” trend and get behind World Paper Free Day? Just follow these 2 sim... Read More

Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508 – Part 2 [Government Digital Accessibility Event]

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The Main Event - Part 2 A Sneak Peek at the Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508: Government Digital Accessibility Training. In my recent blog post, I gave readers our first sneak peek at the Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508: Government Digital Accessibility Training Event, an upcoming one-day invitation-only, free event, taking place on Decembe... Read More

Announcing the Actuate Customer Communication Suite Release 5.1

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Actuate is pleased to announce the 5.1 release of the Actuate Customer Communication Suite (CCS) on October 27, 2014. This version is available to existing customers through Actuate Licensing. This release includes numerous product improvements, including a number of enhancements and all cumulative fixes from previous releases. This release encompasses the following products: Process ... Read More

Archiving – Do You Need to Upgrade? [Part 3]

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Part 3 – Popular Requirements At some point, an organization must determine whether it is more sensible to augment their existing archive system or rip out everything and replace it with a totally new solution. Admittedly, there is no set formula. Optimal solutions must be devised on a case-by-case basis. That said, many large organizations still share the same concerns and thus ha... Read More

Cloud508: A Cloud Solution for Federal Government that Automates Document Accessibility

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A unique collaboration designed to build accessibility into the U.S. federal government’s most important and most distributed documents, Cloud508 is Actuate Corporation’s newest endeavor. A joint project with partners Braille Works and Venatôre, the cloud-based service works with documents such as tax, health, and benefits notices, statements and other personalized communications, a... Read More

Implementing Software for Customer Communications Management Rapidly and Effectively

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When addressing Customer Communications Management (CCM), enterprises usually seek a quick and effective project. This post delves into 2 technical issues that play a key role in implementing and running such a system. Predefined Interfaces Help Cut Costs In CCM, one big issue is that of interfaces and connectivity. In other words, how does one add and retrieve data from connected s... Read More