Document is Empty: How Inaccessible Online Documents Impact Screen Reader Users – In Their Own Words

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The Opening Video from Actuate’s Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508 event I’m excited to finally be showing this here. Imagine if you opened a web page or a PDF and the screen was blank. You scrolled all around the screen, hit several keys on your keyboard, wiggled and jiggled your mouse, even closed the document and opened it again. Where is the content that ... Read More

How to Use Data Visualization to Improve Your Customer Communications

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Financial services, retail, utility and government organizations are all looking for ways to make their customer communications more engaging and effective, in order to obtain an advantage in dealing with their customers.  But customers today get plenty of communications from organizations.  The key to using customer communications to improve your brand is to cut through the clutter an... Read More

The Missing Twenty: A Discussion with Jonathan Hassell

I have something exciting to announce. A new book on digital accessibility has hit the shelves. Released in November, Including Your Missing 20% by Embedding Web and Mobile Accessibility was written by Professor Jonathan Hassell, an expert on digital accessibility and inclusion. He’s the director of the London-based consultancy Hassell Inclusion, and is the lead author of the BS 887... Read More

Mobility is Critical for E-Government

By Mark Barrenechea, President and Chief Executive Officer, OpenText Mobile devices are transforming the way citizens interact with their governments—from using digital IDs for access to program information to crowdsourcing apps to improve city services. As mobile usage rises, citizens are demanding more exclusively mobile experiences from their governments—ones that move bey... Read More

Enterprise Document Transformation: 8 Must-Have Features for Superior Performance [Part 2]

As we discussed in the previous post, if your organization regularly transforms documents and print streams, either dynamically (on-the-fly) or in large batches, you want and expect the best possible performance from your technology solution. Download a complete white paper, Enterprise Document Transformation: 8 Must-Have Features for Superior Performance, to find more information on... Read More

Enterprise Document Transformation: 8 Must-Have Features for Superior Performance [Part 1]

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Organizations that issue high-volume customer communications such as credit card bills, bank statements, insurance policies, and telephone bills must have the ability to print this content, present it online, and efficiently store it. Document Transformation solutions make it possible for organizations to convert documents from one format to another, as required. If your organization ... Read More

Analytics – Improve Your Customer Communications

Financial services, retail, utility and government organizations are all looking for an edge in communicating with their customers. Customers today get plenty of communications, and the trick to engaging them with your brand and your products is to cut through the clutter and be noticed. Using analytics to target your customer communications is a key way to do this. Customer communica... Read More

Top 10 News Stories from Actuate for 2014

This has been a huge year at Actuate. Between new products, acquisitions, and growth in our community, we've been busy providing great software across all of our divisions that help our customers meet their challenges in novel ways. Today, as 2014 winds down,  we’re highlighting ten of our biggest news stories of the year.     January 21: Actuate Patents... Read More

Accessible Communications Deadlines Looming for Public & Private Sectors in Ontario

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Do you communicate with your customers electronically? An important deadline is looming for businesses that operate in Ontario. If your organization uses PDF documents in its Customer Communications strategy, then you should be concerned about the deadline for providing accessible communication supports in those PDF documents. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AOD... Read More

Freedom Scientific’s Annual Accessibility Showcase: Highlights from the One-Day Event

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Screen reader technology has become a mainstay for the blind community, allowing individuals with visual impairments to read and access digital information in a way they never could before. And since Actuate’s own automated Document Accessibility technology provides a means for high volumes of documents to be made completely compatible with screen readers, we like to stay up to date on... Read More