Cloud508: A Cloud Solution for Federal Government that Automates Document Accessibility

Cloud with the words Cloud508 on it and Actuate logo symbol
A unique collaboration designed to build accessibility into the U.S. federal government’s most important and most distributed documents, Cloud508 is Actuate Corporation’s newest endeavor. A joint project with partners Braille Works and Venatôre, the cloud-based service works with documents such as tax, health, and benefits notices, statements and other personalized communications, a... Read More

Implementing Software for Customer Communications Management Rapidly and Effectively

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When addressing Customer Communications Management (CCM), enterprises usually seek a quick and effective project. This post delves into 2 technical issues that play a key role in implementing and running such a system. Predefined Interfaces Help Cut Costs In CCM, one big issue is that of interfaces and connectivity. In other words, how does one add and retrieve data from connected s... Read More

Attending the Web Accessibility Day

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One Day in Maryland Companies around the globe are looking to make their web content accessible for the visually impaired. But they want to do so in the most efficient, knowledge-based way they can, so that they don’t make mistakes and waste needless funds in the process. To do that, they need the right information. With this in mind, the National Federation of the Blind’s Cent... Read More

Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508 – Part 1 [Government Training Event]

Capitol building and a symbol of accessible PDF
The Main Event - Part 1 A Sneak Peek at the Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508: Government Digital Accessibility Training. Imagine some of the leading accessibility experts from private industry and federal government gathering alongside individuals from the community it’s designed to reach. Imagine hot-topic conversations on issues related to PDF documents, HTM... Read More

Archiving – Do You Need to Upgrade? [Part 2]

Part 2 – Symptoms As an archive system falls behind the times, the symptoms of its failure show up in the organization with increasing frequency and virulence, frustrating users and negatively impacting the bottom line until a tipping point is reached and action is taken.  Let's take a look at symptoms of an outdated Archiving System. An uptick in certain business, governance, and... Read More

Customer Communications Transformed: Who Benefits and How it Works

That was then. This is now. In the past, bank statements and credit card bills – as well as other financial customer communications – would come through the mail. Customers would look through their paper copies once they arrived and file them away for future use. Now, though, more and more people are looking at their statements and bills another way: interacting with them onlin... Read More

Accessibility on All Fronts: Creating Accessible Web Content

Accessible Digital Content For Everyone
How are companies today faring when it comes to creating accessible environments for their customers? The answer is more complicated than you might think. Because if you visit a modern office building, or even take a look at corporate websites, accessibility has obviously become a key ingredient for most businesses today. Companies want all of their customers to be able to reach them,... Read More

Archiving – Do You Need to Upgrade? [Part 1]

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Part 1 – Drivers for Change Large organizations such as banks, credit card, insurance, telecommunications companies, and government agencies use electronic archive systems to efficiently maintain a comprehensive historical record of their activities, content, and customer data. In this blog post, we will examine the drivers for change that cause many organizations to modernize thei... Read More

8 Reasons Why Customers Benefit from Online Document Delivery

Paperless communications
Companies today are seeing the advantages of offering bills, notices, and account statements through secure customer portals. But it is clear that businesses are not the only ones who benefit from offering important content online. We are all customers, so we can probably relate to 8 things customers can do with online data and documents:  1.  View Data In the Way That's... Read More

Accessibility Meets Mobility: M-Enabling Summit 2014

Senior man reading on mobile phone
First published on G3ict. Shannon Kelly attended the third edition of the M-Enabling Summit on Accessible Mobile Technology for Seniors and Users of All Abilities, this year in Washington, D.C. Here's her review of the event highlights. How important is mobile technology? To answer that, you need to consider not only the mobile usage of your friends and colleagues – who, if th... Read More