Business Process: The Future of ECM

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For years, enterprise content management (ECM) solutions were adopted primarily for two main use cases. The first was to achieve compliance, and many early adopters of ECM continue to successfully use it to address various regulatory requirements. Compliance provided functionality for records management, archiving, and information governance. A while back I wrote a blog post titled What... Read More

Cloud Quotation Management: Mobility Redefined

Consider this. It's Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and everyone at the office is enjoying the chance to eat lunch outside. You're already considering your plans for the weekend. Then the phone rings with a customer on the other end. He needs a quotation. Right away. You have two options. You can wolf down your lunch, return to your office, and ruin not just your own afterno... Read More

Health Care Organizations’ Email Security Isn’t Making the Grade

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So, it looks like a lot of health care organizations are flunking email security. According to the “state of email trust” survey cited in a recent Fortune Magazine article , health care organizations “severely lag” when it comes to securing email communications. In fact, the article states that an email, “purportedly sent from a typical health insurance company is, for i... Read More

Preparing Quotations: 7 Tips for Success

How can companies ensure that the quotations they prepare will be successful, bringing in more orders? It’s a question we’re approached with quite often. And we have 2 key recommendations. Although the specifics can vary depending on the project and the customer in question, organizations should always consider the following: Focus on content Use the right tool But this... Read More

How B2B Integration Drives Superior Supply Chain Performance

Today’s manufacturers face a constant challenge of balancing supply chain efficiency with the investment placed in their B2B integration platform. To try and get a better understanding of whether increased use of B2B solutions and services impacts the performance of a supply chain, OpenText sponsored a new B2B integration related study with IDC Manufacturing Insights. This blog will br... Read More

Managing your Digital Media Assets

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In the expanding world of digital creation, the ability to effectively manage digital media assets is becoming increasingly important to organizations. Gone are the days of filing digital assets on personal computers. From creation to consumption, companies are increasingly looking for ways to centrally manage their digital media assets, all while maximizing value and minimizing t... Read More

Enterprise Document Archiving: 7 Must-Have Features for Superior Performance [Part 1]

Organizations that produce high-volume customer communications such as credit card bills, bank statements, insurance policies, and telephone bills, must employ electronic archives, also known as repositories, to securely store this content and, in many cases, satisfy regulatory requirements. If archiving and retrieving large quantities of electronic documents is an integral part of bu... Read More

Document is Empty: How Inaccessible Online Documents Impact Screen Reader Users – In Their Own Words

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The Opening Video from Actuate’s Automation and the Changing Landscape of Section 508 event I’m excited to finally be showing this here. Imagine if you opened a web page or a PDF and the screen was blank. You scrolled all around the screen, hit several keys on your keyboard, wiggled and jiggled your mouse, even closed the document and opened it again. Where is the content that ... Read More

How to Use Data Visualization to Improve Your Customer Communications

Data visualization
Financial services, retail, utility and government organizations are all looking for ways to make their customer communications more engaging and effective, in order to obtain an advantage in dealing with their customers.  But customers today get plenty of communications from organizations.  The key to using customer communications to improve your brand is to cut through the clutter an... Read More

The Missing Twenty: A Discussion with Jonathan Hassell

I have something exciting to announce. A new book on digital accessibility has hit the shelves. Released in November, Including Your Missing 20% by Embedding Web and Mobile Accessibility was written by Professor Jonathan Hassell, an expert on digital accessibility and inclusion. He’s the director of the London-based consultancy Hassell Inclusion, and is the lead author of the BS 887... Read More