Accessible PDF Discussion:  Web Content Accessibility Drivers

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Under pressure from advocacy groups and individuals, organizations such as government agencies, retailers, utilities, telcos, banks, credit card companies, non-profits, and institutions of higher education are now focusing on web and web content accessibility. This series of blog posts explains why demand is increasing for customer communication documents in Accessible PDF format, des... Read More

EDI and B2B Insights – What Kinds of Analytics Do I Need?

In my last blog, Why Your EDI and B2B Processes Need Analytics, I provided examples of the kind of B2B analysis questions that you need to have answers for  in order to improve    competitiveness in your business. I have found three pre-requisites that will create value from your B2B data via analytics: A foundation of good-quality B2B data for analysis. If you are alread... Read More

CSUN 2015: A New Market Impression on Digital Accessibility

While this blog post comes a few weeks after the CSUN 2015 conference, I have had many opportunities through multiple customer engagements in the past month to reflect on and re-affirm some of the insights from the event. My key takeaway from this year’s event was that the overall awareness and understanding of the Accessibility landscape is finally evolving and maturing to a level tha... Read More

ECM Migrations: Tools and Team are Important for Success

In our previous post on ECM Migrations, we discussed the key components of the process or methodology that will take the migration project from start to successful completion. In reality, successful migrations are facilitated by sophisticated tools and an expert team with many years of experience. Let's look closer at them. The Tools Your ECM Migration Toolset needs to be able ... Read More

To Keep or Not to Keep: A Records Management Question

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With 90% of the world’s data generated over the last two years and enterprise information growing at an exponential rate, the ability to effectively manage and govern the lifecycle of important electronic business information is more important than ever. Recently, OpenText CMO Adam Howatson sat down with Tracy Caughell, Director of Product Management, to discuss worldwide record... Read More

Sports on the Web: Newer, Better, Global

Are you a sports fan?  Are you one of the lucky ones that enjoys sports that are carried on your local station at convenient times, or are you like a growing number of fans that enjoy sports that are carried more often in other countries, on their time zone and not broadcast on local television stations?    Modern sports viewing is now often enabled by strong web experiences, and... Read More

Assistive Technology Update: An Interview with Easter Seals Crossroads

“This is Shannon Kelly, and I am a global accessibility expert with Actuate (now OpenText), and this is your Assistive Technology Update.” Like a real radio personality, that’s how I was asked to kick off my interview with Wade Wingler, Director of the Indiana Assistive Technology Act (INDATA) Project for Easter Seals Crossroads, and host of the podcast, Assistive Technology Upd... Read More

Enterprise Document Archiving: 7 Must-Have Features for Superior Performance [Part 2]

As we discussed in a previous blog post, organizations that produce high-volume customer communications are usually concerned and demand superior performance from their repository. It is important to know what variables can affect performance and become acquainted with the performance-enhancing features found in state-of-the-art systems. For a repository to perform at the true speed o... Read More

Business Process: The Future of ECM

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For years, enterprise content management (ECM) solutions were adopted primarily for two main use cases. The first was to achieve compliance, and many early adopters of ECM continue to successfully use it to address various regulatory requirements. Compliance provided functionality for records management, archiving, and information governance. A while back I wrote a blog post titled What... Read More