Accessibility on All Fronts: Creating Accessible Web Content

Accessible Digital Content For Everyone
How are companies today faring when it comes to creating accessible environments for their customers? The answer is more complicated than you might think. Because if you visit a modern office building, or even take a look at corporate websites, accessibility has obviously become a key ingredient for most businesses today. Companies want all of their customers to be able to reach them,... Read More

Archiving – Do you need to upgrade?

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Part 1 – Drivers for Change Large organizations such as banks, credit card, insurance, telecommunications companies, and government agencies use electronic archive systems to efficiently maintain a comprehensive historical record of their activities, content, and customer data. In this blog post, we will examine the drivers for change that cause many organizations to modernize thei... Read More

8 Reasons Why Customers Benefit from Online Document Delivery

Paperless communications
Companies today are seeing the advantages of offering bills, notices, and account statements through secure customer portals. But it is clear that businesses are not the only ones who benefit from offering important content online. We are all customers, so we can probably relate to 8 things customers can do with online data and documents:  1.  View Data In the Way That's... Read More

Accessibility Meets Mobility: M-Enabling Summit 2014

Senior man reading on mobile phone
First published on G3ict. Shannon Kelly attended the third edition of the M-Enabling Summit on Accessible Mobile Technology for Seniors and Users of All Abilities, this year in Washington, D.C. Here's her review of the event highlights. How important is mobile technology? To answer that, you need to consider not only the mobile usage of your friends and colleagues – who, if th... Read More

Reasons for Customer Communications Management

Benefits of CCM
The concept of Customer Communications Management (CCM) is quite broad. To understand its importance, let's review the basics and focus on several important reasons why organizations invest in developing and executing a CCM strategy. What You Should Know About CCM Customer Communications Management: Enables corporate-wide deployment spanning different departments and functions... Read More

PDF Accessibility: What’s in Store?

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Post was first published on Media Access Australia's AccessIQ There’s been a lot of talk lately, in technology circles, about what’s in store for PDFs. For organisations that are looking for ways to ensure on-demand accessibility for high volumes of PDFs created at the enterprise IT infrastructure level—this is a particularly relevant question. With that in mind, I wanted to ... Read More

Generating Documents in the Cloud: 3 Reasons for BIRT PowerDocs

PowerDocs Logo
More and more businesses are using cloud-based software to manage their documents commonly needed for daily business. Such documents typically include quotes, invoices, service documents and contracts. The processes for generating documents in the cloud are usually handled manually or using native functionality of the cloud software. Basic functionality limits users and businesses ... Read More

Preview: Actuate Financial Services Breakfast Event – New York

Pull a hundred-dollar bill out of your wallet and admire the wise face of Benjamin Franklin. In 1748, in Advice to a Young Tradesman, Franklin wrote a now-famous phrase: "Remember that time is money." Today, we’re so busy that we’ve shortened Franklin’s wisdom to just three words – "time is money" – but its message remains as sound as ever. People who work in financial serv... Read More

Accessible PDFs: Questions, Thoughts and Ideas from a Social Network Exchange

Braille Page
First published on Should accessible PDF documents be a part of a company’s web accessibility strategy? That’s the question that was posted recently in a LinkedIn web accessibility forum. The question inspired a lengthy and exciting discussion among accessibility experts from a variety of sectors and roles. What resulted was an informative and multi-faceted conversation... Read More

Outbound Customer Communications: Author Once, Publish Many?

Graphic with Icons that Read "Info"
Originally published on For many of our clients today, there are three primary outbound communication channels: Paper via USPS Mail, email via Exact Target (or similar), and web pages via the web site. Unfortunately, for most organizations, each of these channels tends to have a different content authoring team, different publishing processes, and different underlying tec... Read More