Freedom Scientific’s Annual Accessibility Showcase: Highlights from the One-Day Event

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Screen reader technology has become a mainstay for the blind community, allowing individuals with visual impairments to read and access digital information in a way they never could before. And since Actuate’s own automated Document Accessibility technology provides a means for high volumes of documents to be made completely compatible with screen readers, we like to stay up to date on... Read More

Easier Document Transformation Development with Customer Communication Suite 5.1.

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We all know that creating document transformation projects is complex. That’s why Actuate, in the 5.1 release of the Actuate Customer Communication Suite, has made improvements motivated to make the job of Document Transform Developer a lot easier. This release includes a number of new features and enhancements that can considerably reduce not only the time and complexity involved in c... Read More

Data Driven Summit – CEO Keynote [Video]

Thanks to everyone who participated in Data Driven Summit 2014! We've now covered the globe to bring to you the latest thinking about embedded analytics tools and data driven applications. At seven venues, more than 1,000 developers, managers and BI industry thought leaders were on hand to discuss the future of data driven apps. Representatives from New York City Transit, SaskTel... Read More

Accessibility and Government-Produced PDFs

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First published on Government agencies are huge creators of high-volume personal communications. Tax documents, benefits and health statements, and other critical information is distributed everyday – and the U.S. federal government aims to deliver more and more of these digitally, cutting costs and making them easier for citizens to obtain. Yet, to reach all citizens, the... Read More

Sneak Peek: BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile App

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We want to give you an insight into the latest developments of our BIRT PowerDocs cloud software. Today we will introduce you to the new BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile app, which we presented for the first time at the Dreamforce 2014. Take a first look at our app, which you can use to create complex, interactive and process-integrated documents with Salesforce1 and BIRT PowerDocs. How... Read More

DEEP Access: Highlights from “Designing Enabling Economies and Policies”

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In October, I took part in two separate and very different events dedicated to accessibility. Each had its highlights and in a later blog post I’ll tell you what those were for the second of the two: Freedom Scientific’s Annual Accessibility Showcase. I want to dedicate this post to the first, though – DEEP 2014: Designing Enabling Economies and Policies. The two-day event took ... Read More

Better Document Accessibility with Customer Communication Suite 5.1.

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Whether you are an Accessibility Compliance Officer, an Accessibility Consultant, a Marketing Communications Specialist, or a Document Transform Developer, you will be excited to know that the Document Accessibility solution from Actuate just got much better. Delivered with the release of the Actuate Customer Communication Suite version 5.1, a number of enhancements and features have ... Read More

Finding the Right Print-to-Web Solution: 8 Things to Look For

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In a recent blog post, “The Customer Communications Transformed: Who Benefits and How it Works,” we talked about the recent shift in customer needs, as more and more customers look online – rather than at the more traditional print versions – for their statements and billing information. The experience is not only beneficial for customers, who can have all of their information at... Read More

PDF in Financial Services: Now and the Future

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Contributed by the PDF Association. It’s reasonable to claim that without PDF technology the financial services sector would operate very differently. PDF’s key characteristics are perfect for businesses that generate, share, store and argue over a high volume of records and reports on their activities. For most, the simple fact that PDF is a rendering of some source content is... Read More

Archiving – Do You Need to Upgrade? [Part 4]

Part 4 – Success Stories In previous blog posts, we asked a question – do you need to upgrade your Archiving system? We examined the drivers for change, the symptoms of an older, outdated system and the features you would want to have in an upgraded system. But what about tangible results? Here are 4 real-world success stories of large, respected organizations that upgraded thei... Read More