What is a Digital Enterprise?

The Linear Value Chain is Replaced by an Ecosystem
In my first post in this blog series, I examined how the speed of digital is disrupting market leaders, and determined that the only way for them to keep pace and stay competitive is to transform into a digital business. But what exactly is a digital business and how does an organization transform itself? In a digital business, all major operating functions are empowered by digital t... Read More

Is Your Organization Ready for the Future?

Is your organization ready for the future? Meeting Customer Demand for Interactivity and Flexibility Consumer technology is changing at a rapid pace, and so are consumer expectations. As the lines between business customers and consumers blur, we can see the speed of this consumer technology evolution is impacting the expectations of corporate customers or business users. Busin... Read More

Operating at the Speed of Digital

Digital Disruption is Stronger and Faster
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin We live in a time of unprecedented change. In every sector, digital technologies are changing the rules of business by enabling new business models. Startups are reshaping entire industries, combining technologies like cloud, social, mobile, and analytics to ... Read More

4 Areas Where IoT and Analytics Can Shape Manufacturing

As global manufacturers continue to seek out new competitive advantages, many are investing in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics. Within the next 6 years, companies in the Asia-Pacific area alone will increase manufacturing budgets from $9 billion to $57.96 billion, according to a 2014 Frost & Sullivan report. A recent study by MarketsandMarkets f... Read More

Introducing Digital-First Fridays

Building Blocks for Digital Transformation
Today, I’m happy to kick-off our “Digital-First Fridays,” a new blog series that describes a Digital-First World, provides strategies for transformation, and shares best practices using real-life examples. The series is based on our recent book, Digital: Disrupt or Die, authored by myself and OpenText Chairman, Tom Jenkins. In every sector, digital technologies are changing ... Read More

How B2B Automation Helps to Develop Greener Supply Chains

Developing a greener and more sustainable supply chain has been on the agenda of CEOs for many years and in fact just looking back through my archive of blogs that I have written over the years, the first green related blog that I wrote was in 2007. This was at a time when companies were being made to think more carefully about how they design their supply chains to help reduce carbon em... Read More

Accessibility in Telecommunications: Thriving in a Customer-Centric World

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules under Section 255 of the Communications Act require telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers to make their products and services accessible to people with disabilities, if such access is readily achievable. While this regulation has been around since 1996, Telco companies and device manufacturers are now starting t... Read More

Expanding the Banking Universe with a Mobile-Only Play

smartphone banking
Mobile phones continue to help break new ground in the world of Banking.  A very interesting example is called Atom Bank, which is in the United Kingdom today, or is it everywhere? Atom Bank was recently awarded a banking license and plans to commence their operations later this year.  They have already raised around 25 million pounds (about $39 million). So why is this so inter... Read More

Enterprise Mobility: Are You an Enabler?

Seventy-three percent of the world’s population uses mobile phones, more than 5.2 billion people around the globe. The majority of millennials say that their smartphone never leaves their side, 24x7. This is just the tip of a mobility movement that promises to intensify in the future. How is this consumer behavior impacting enterprise mobility? Range of Mobility Responses For ... Read More

Achieving Equal Access in Health Care Information

As per a report published by the Equal Rights Center in 2011, blind and visually impaired individuals routinely face barriers in receiving information regarding their health care including documents such as test results, prescriptions, etc., benefits information such as Explanation of Benefits, eligibility and termination information and e-delivered communications such as billing stateme... Read More