The 6 Most Important Requirements for Enterprise Document Archiving

Guest post by Richard Medina. First published on In What Should You Do with Your Legacy Archiving System?, I offered a simple procedure for helping you decide what to do with your archiving systems. And in Selecting an Enterprise Archive Solution, I provided a quick overview of the three general solution options you have for archiving. In this post I... Read More

Q&A at CSUN 2014: Learning More About the Actuate Document Accessibility Appliance

Reduce risk, save money, save time
In March, I had the pleasure of attending the Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, hosted by California State University, Northridge (CSUN). The high-profile annual conference, now approaching its 30th year, showcases technologies designed for people with disabilities, with attendees coming from all over. Many of those attendees represent organizati... Read More

Getting Personal One Key to Effective Communications

Last time, we discussed the how important it is to use customer history to shape communications planning. This time, we go a step further and explore the technique of personalization, which looks at behaviors beyond just buying history and, properly done, can cement your customer relationships. The first thing to know is that personalization cuts two ways: first, it permits us to send... Read More

Positive Changes – Why Not Make Millions of PDFs Accessible?

Greeting Sun
In 1997, one of the most recognized figure skaters in the world, Scott Hamilton, said “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” He was being positive and, without a doubt, honest about his own attitude towards life’s most difficult challenges. 17 years later, in her Ted Talk Stella Young quoted Scott Hamilton and, also very honestly, added a down-to-earth caveat to his inspi... Read More

Five Hypotheses About Customer Communications Management

It should be mandatory for companies to enable customers to select their preferred channels of communication. In recent years, we have seen a clear trend of consumers preferring digital dialogues; this shift has been triggered by social media channels and mobile technologies. With the current trend, one finds a rising demand for quick response possibilities via customers’ preferred ... Read More

Industry Perspective: Making PDF Documents Accessible – Part 2

Accessible Documents
Turn up the Volume: Create Accessible High-Volume PDF Documents First published on Output Links. Read Part 1: Making Documents Accessible. Accessibility for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a rather new subject, with a lot of difficulties involved. There are still questions and challenges that arise for those working in the field, and very few resourc... Read More

Into the Future: Replies from an Actuate Content Services Repository Survey

Road to the future
Actuate recently surveyed several customers and other large organizations using various repositories, asking them about their Repository needs. During that survey, we asked 3 separate questions: Are there any problems or deficiencies with your existing repositories? What features are your business users requesting and what regulations do you have to adhere to? What is your visio... Read More

Industry Perspective: Making PDF Documents Accessible – Part 1

Making documents accessible
Lessons for Making HVTO Documents Accessible for the Visually Impaired - First published on Output Links. In March of this year, I attended a presentation at Xplor International, which focused on “how to” lessons for making high volume transaction output (HVTO) documents accessible for the visually impaired (from Linda McDaniel from Actuate). I’ve broken down the ... Read More

Process Management – the Glue that Ties CCM Together!

Process Management - The Glue that Ties the CCM Together
According to analysts from Gartner, Forrester and InfoTrends, a customer communications management (CCM) strategy is a necessity in the current competitive environment where customer experience rules. Organizations need to be able to interact and communicate with their customers and prospects in a relevant and engaging manner. To tie the components of a customer communications system tog... Read More

Europe Adopts Accessibility Standards for Public Sector Web Content

European Union flag theme
Post was first published on Media Access Australia's AccessIQ. In February, 2014, the global accessibility movement took a big step forward when the European Parliament approved an important directive on web accessibility. The new directive defines accessibility targets for the websites of public sector organizations and private sector organizations delivering “public” services... Read More