Creating Data Driven Web Apps Using BIRT – EclipseCon2014


This past week at EclipseCon 2014, I had a session about creating data driven web applications with BIRT. This session was meant to walk you through the entire process of design and deployment of a BIRT web application.

I started with an introduction to BIRT, including a high level architecture overview. This was followed by a walk-through tour of the designer and a look at the many deployment options available, including the Sample Viewer, Report Engine, Report Engine with JSF, BIRT Viewer Toolkit, and the iHub F-Type.

If you were able to attend and were wanting a copy of the slides or missed it and would like to see what it was all about, a link to a PDF version can be found below. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments, ask a question in the forums, or private message me.

Check out my slides forĀ Creating Data Driven Web Apps – EclipseCon 2014.

Also check out the presentation my colleague Kristopher Clark made in conjunction with IoT device maker Eurotech.

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