Last Week in the Forums: Launching PERL Script from Hyperlink, Bursting Reports

This blog series takes a look back at the past week in the forums, recalling how active they were and highlights some of the questions asked that seem to frequent the forums or other interesting topics. We continue to have great traffic in the forums as we get closer to the end of February. EclipseCon is next month, so I only see the forums getting busier as we head towards that. As always, thanks to those users who help answer questions! It is a great help to the community!

The unanswered post from last week is about launching PERL script from BIRT. The poster wants to know if there’s a way to launch some PERL script or an external app with a hyperlink, in BIRT. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions, please post in the thread.

The next post for this week is about creating a bursting report. The poster wanted to be able to run a detail report for every group returned in their main report. A couple links are shown in the thread that will help in this scenario. Another issue did come up when doing this in the BIRT iServer. It’s not as easy to do when deployed to the iServer because of not being able to access the detail report by a file system location. If anyone has done something like this with the iServer, please post what you did to get it to work.

The last topic from last week is about dynamic y-axis label size. The poster was modifying the labels on the y-axis in script. This worked for them fine. The issue is, when they edit the label, if the space already provided is too small, the label value is cut off. an example is provided that shows how to use chart scripting to change the inset value for the label, so the entire text can be seen.

Again, this is just a small sample of what went through the forums this past week. For more questions and answers that have been posted, check out the forums. As always, if you have a question, feel free to ask it, and if you see a question you know the answer to or have a similar experience to, feel free to post an answer or comment. 

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