Last Week in the Forums: Removing Legend Item for Particular Series, Refresh Report When User Selects a New Value from a HTML Listbox

This blog series takes a look back at the past week in the forums, recalling how active they were and highlights some of the questions asked that seem to frequent the forums or other interesting topics. The site was back up, all week, and traffic picked right back up where it left off. Many great questions and answers were posted. As always, thanks to those users who help answer questions! It is a great help to the community!

The unanswered question from last week is about removing a legend item for only a particular series. The poster is hiding a group in the second series of their chart. The group names are the same for both series. They don’t want to hide the first one in the legend, just the last one. If anyone knows how they can tell which series is which, in the legend, please post your solution or suggestion, in the thread.

The next question from last week is about reloading a report based on a user’s selection from a HTML list box in the report. The poster wants to include a list box of options in the report and when the user selects a new value, they want the report to update with the data from the selected value. An example is provided in the thread that shows how you can add a list box that is populated from the dataSet data, and when a new value is selected, re-run the report with the new parameter.

The last topic for this week is about only showing the grand totals in a crosstab. The poster had seen in the new and notable features for a version of BIRT, that crosstabs could just show the grand totals without showing the measure details, but when they removed the measure, the grand total also disappeared. The issue here is that the poster was trying to remove the entire binding from the crosstab, not just delete the detail element. If you remove the measure completely from the crosstab, the grand total will also go away. So, if you ever want to just show the grand totals, remember to just delete the measure element in the crosstab and set the cell dimensions to 0.

Again, this is just a small sample of what went through the forums this past week. For more questions and answers that have been posted, check out the forums. As always, if you have a question, feel free to ask it, and if you see a question you know the answer to or have a similar experience to, feel free to post an answer or comment. 

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