Review of BIRT iHub 3: What’s New?

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In December, Actuate released the latest generation of the BIRT iHub (iHub3) for distribution. The completely updated iHub 3 simplifies the design and deployment of personalized analytics and insights via a single platform that integrates BIRT based, visually appealing, interactive application services, predictive analytics services, and customer content services.

This release promotes increased creativity, efficiency, and productivity for BIRT developers creating internal and customer-facing applications that can deliver personalized visualizations and analytics securely to millions of end users, on any device, at any time. The BIRT iHub 3 release features the following:

Enhanced User Experience via Data Visualizations and Presentation

  • HTML 5 based data visualizations that support any data source and any device
  • Appealing visualizations by default
  • New Android phone app for consuming BIRT content
  • Rich, modern interface that provides a new, simplified, and consistent user experience

Enhanced Developer Productivity and Broader Data Access

  • Faster time to market via reduced time to develop and deploy applications
  • New BIRT Data Model that simplifies BIRT meta data management
  • Access to more Big Data sources and Excel data
  • Mac OS and Windows 64 bit developer tools
  • Enable easy migration from open source BIRT to commercial features

Improved IT Efficiency via a Unified Deployment Platform

  • Centralized system management
  • Quick installation and configuration
  • New built-in monitoring and utilization system
  • Simplified management for all styles of deployment including SaaS or on-premise

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be highlighting these areas in a blog series. Download the trial version of the iHub 3 to explore the new features and look and feel yourself. If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them in the comments section below or in the iHub forum.

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